3 Must-See Stops Between Half Moon Bay to San Francisco Airport


Are you trying to make the most of your travels between Half Moon Bay to San Francisco Airport? Whether you’re headed for a business trip, family vacation or just exploring this region of California’s gorgeous coast, there are plenty of sights worth seeing along the way. From awe-inspiring ocean views at Sea Lion Point State Park to delightful picnic spots in Pescadero Creek County Park, we’ve rounded up three unforgettable stops that will make your journey truly memorable. Read on to discover why these locations should be part of your route!

SamTrans bus stop in downtown Half Moon Bay

As the center of Silicon Valley, Half Moon Bay is an exciting place to be. With its busy streets and unique shops, it’s easy to get lost in this coastal town. But now that the SamTrans bus stop is open, it’s easier for visitors to get around downtown Half Moon Bay to SFO.

It’s a convenient way to get around that gives people more reliable access to transit services throughout the city. SamTrans is just what you need if you want to go to multiple places in half-moon bay or just get from one place to another quickly and easily. Read on to learn how using this handy transportation service can make your time in a city even better.

Pillar Point Harbor

Pillar Point Harbor is the perfect place to go if you want to get away from it all in the Bay Area but still feel like you’re in the middle of nature. This harbor is in the beautiful coastal town of Half Moon Bay and is on the quiet Pillar Point. It has something for everyone, from beautiful scenery to delicious food and unique shopping.

Pillar Point Harbor is a great place to go if you like to learn about sea life or just want to get away from the busy city for a while. Its peacefulness is enough to make even the most landlocked traveler want to take a harbor cruise and see some of the most beautiful places along San Mateo County’s coast.

Pescadero State Beach

This beautiful part of the California coast is known for its beautiful views and fun things to do. Pescadero is in San Mateo County, just south of Half Moon Bay. It has something for everyone, from thrill-seekers to people who just want to relax on the beach or do a variety of outdoor activities. This beautiful beach is easy to get to from both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It has miles of golden sand and clear water. Come see why millions of people have made Pescadero the best place along the coast of Northern California, whether you want to be alone or make memories with family and friends.

Ways to go from Half Moon Bay to SFO:

The bus is the first option, but you must leave earlier than planned if you want to be on time for your flight. You might be late and you might be stopped in traffic. The second option is via rail, which requires you to first travel to the station and then wait for the train, which might be stressful for you. Take the limo service as your third option. This is the easiest method to get from the half moon to the airport in San Francisco when you want to avoid tension and be there in time for your trip.


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