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About Da'Trice Transportation

My name is Lee Datrice. I’ve been a limousine driver for Since 1991 years. My family is from Louisiana but I was born and raised here in San Francisco, Ca.

In growing up in the Western Addition. I’ve seen San Francisco in an angle that most people haven’t seen. I’ve been around when you could eat It’s – it on the beach and watch Jimi Hendrix perform at the park. As I grew so did San Francisco, and I’ve seen it all.

Lee DaTarice Transportation
Mr. LEE Da'Tarice


Our Mission

Da’Trice Limousine began with a mission statement to meet the needs of its customers with excellent Limousine Service in San Francisco California and the surrounding bay. We help you provide efficient services for your personal and business transportation needs. Our experienced Da’Trice Limousine team can help you tailor the vehicle to your transportation needs and ensure you have reached your final destination. The only limo service in san Francisco California which is sensitive and react to last-minute changes when their plans change at the last minute.

Lee with Happy Customer
Happy Customers