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10 - San Francisco Airports

The question of transportation arises when one flies to a bustling but stunning location. The most challenging aspect of flying is determining the most direct routes.

San Francisco international airports overlap with numerous other counties, and it could be tough to locate your route to get away from this lively metropolis. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the 10 most important airports in San Francisco, which should accommodate both private jet and commercial airline arrivals, to facilitate your trip plans.

San Francisco airport limo service cover all major airports including San Francisco International Airport, Oakland airport, and San Carlos Airport and others at very affordable prices.

1. San Francisco International Airport 

Location: San Francisco, CA 94128

San Francisco International airport.
San Francisco International Airport

It ranks sixteenth out of twenty airports while located only 13 miles from the city center. Given its proximity to downtown, it is one of the city’s most significant and, therefore, the busiest airports. 

It houses Cala, Kin Khao, and Tartine restaurants. The lounge provides a comfortable space for business and first-class passengers to wait for their flights. It also has the country’s only yoga lounge. That’s very neat!

2. Oakland International Airport

Location: 1 Airport Rd, Oakland, CA 94621

Oakland International Airport.
Oakland International Airport

It is the fourth-largest airport in California, is located just south of downtown San Francisco. This is one of the busiest airports, serving as a hub for fifty-five airlines providing nonstop service to destinations worldwide. 

Tenants such as Farley’s East and Southie and coffee shops like Tay Ho and Red Bay Coffee are on the way. District Luka’s Taproom and Bar, Sierra Nevada, and Drake’s beer are all planning to open shops at the airport so you can relax with a cool one.

3. San Carlos Airport

Location: 620 Airport Way, San Carlos, CA 94070

San Carlos Airport.
San Carlos Airport

This airport opened in 1948 and is located 20 miles from the heart of San Francisco. This private airport is a model of efficiency and comfort. There are more than 460 aircraft stored there, belonging to various aviation institutions, companies, multi-owner groups, private persons, and flying clubs. 

It has two thousand six hundred feet long runways, it has 14 hours of activity throughout the year.

4. Sacramento International Airport

Location: 6900 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95837, USA

Sacramento International Airport.
Sacramento International Airport

Even though it’s smaller, it is well-designed. The airport has nonstop flights to about 30 cities, including Denver, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. Late-night burger demands may be satisfied at Sac Sports Bar in Terminal A.

While those who insist on washing their burger with a beverage could swing by Burgers and Brews. A new concourse and elevated people mover are two of the newest additions to the terminal at the airport.

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5. Hayward Executive Airport

Location: 20301 SkyWest Rd, Hayward, CA 94541

Hayward Executive Airport.
Hayward Executive Airport

Initially opened in 1942, it is home to App Center and Meridian of New Jersey, which has a 30,000 square foot hangar and a 6,300 square foot terminal.

Because of its monetary worth to Hayward, the ten and five-billion-dollar investments made in it should come as no surprise.

6. Palo Alto Airport with SFO Limo Tours

Location: 1925 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Palo Alto Airport.
Palo Alto Airport

Though it’s a relatively tiny airport, it has first-rate services. The most notable benefit is a maximum five-minute reduction in the time it takes to board a commuter flight after landing. While there are few places to eat at the airport, visitors can quickly get a good lunch within a five-mile radius

An elderly gentleman in the parking lot plays an acoustic guitar. As a bonus, it improves passengers’ first impressions of the airport overall.

7. Half Moon Bay Airport

Location: 9850 Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Half Moon Bay Airport.
Half Moon Bay Airport

It was built in 1942, but county control was transferred in 1947, long after World War II had finished. It offers routine airline transportation and specialized services like air ambulance and coast guard maritime rescue. 

Delicious breakfasts at the diner, relaxing strolls along the beach, and sampling the area’s numerous little but outstanding eateries.

8. Livermore Municipal Airport

Location: 680 Terminal Cir, Livermore, CA 94551

Livermore Municipal Airport.
Livermore Municipal Airport

As a result of its spacious runways, it is often used. The area’s restaurants, pubs, and golf courses contribute to its allure. Staff and controllers are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The neighborhood deli, the closest Starbucks, and several highly graded fine dining establishments are all within a ten-minute drive.

9. Concord/Buchanan Field Airport

Location: 550 Sally Ride Rd. Concord, CA 94520

Concord/Buchanan Field Airport.
Concord/Buchanan Field Airport

Centrally located in Concord, this field airport makes getting around town a breeze. In 1946, the airport was handed back over to the county government by the War Assets Administration.

The airport was crucial in moving supplies and personnel during the Korean War. The authorities need help accommodating its growth in its current location.

10. Napa County Airport

Location: 2030 Airport Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Napa County Airport.
Napa County Airport

This often called Napa Valley Airport is a public airport with three runways located five miles west of Napa. The airport is currently restricted to private and charter planes only. The Runway by Patrick is the only restaurant at the airport serving traditional American fare. 

On Wednesdays, they have a wine down promotion when all wines and champagnes are discounted by 50%. Napa Jet Center will also arrange private flights for you if you have a pilot’s license and are willing to pay a premium price.

Final Thoughts!

With San Francisco’s long list of international and private airports, how many airports are in San Francisco? It is only apparent to get overwhelmed by any international or national traveler. So, now that you know about these famous airports, make your USA vacation planning much easier with San Francisco limo tours!

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